I specialize in cloud accounting.
I will become a partner who supports small businesses using IT.

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Tax Advisor

Ongoing tax support service for users of cloud accounting (freee, Money Forward Cloud).

Individual consulting

This is the service for consulting through ZOOM.

Mail consulting services

Mail consulting services

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This is a spot service for cloud accounting users.

Consulting services for filing tax returns

Consulting services for filing tax returns

Cloud accounting freee introduction consulting

Service for supporting the installation of cloud accounting

Tax column

I collect useful articles for your business.
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Feature of our office

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Real-time information sharing is available via cloud accounting. We are available for nationwide support.
  • ■A representative tax accounts supports all clients.
  • ■Internet business, crypto assets, and overseas transactions can be handled
  • ■Specializing in DX/IT/RPA/paperless
  • ■Consulting for non-residents is handled.

About representative

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代表税理士の戸村涼子です。 スモールビジネスを行うすべての人たちを応援します! (I’m Ryoko Tomura. I support all of the people who perform small businesses!)